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Rural Logistics

Wool Logistics Limited

Wool Logistics Limited, the first 100% rural logistics company within the group. Set up to cater for a sector driven by “just in time” demands that required innovative and well managed systems capable of servicing a competitive industry.

Wool Logistics specialises in transfers of baled wool between stores, dumps and scours. We cover the entire nation including Inter-Island transfers to meet capacities or special scour blends in order for the industry to fill export orders.

Services provided include container cartage to export ports to meet all shipping schedules.

Technology allows clients direct access to our wool management system, whether to view consignments or place cartage bookings.

One stop shop for nationwide cartage with one invoice to simplify client management, coupled with the introduction of bio generated invoicing.


AgriTranz Limited derived as an extension from Wool Logistics Limited, but with an emphasis on farm direct pickups to holding stores or from transitional drop off points around the country, including store transfers.

Farm direct co-ordination is a huge logistical challenge requiring experienced operational personnel with robust systems. AgriTranz has developed systems to manage and cater for the many difficult challenges presented to service this vast and spread-out catchment.

Livestock Logistics Nationwide

Livestock Logistics Nationwide Limited (LLNL) partnered with Silver Fern Farms to manage all aspects of livestock cartage, from farm (grower) to processing plants around NZ and transfers between growers for fattening.

Livestock carriers with specialised rigs struggle to achieve best optimisation of capacity. LLNL challenge is to “increase optimisation” through one central co-ordination centre. This is achieved by having a full overview of loadings available, at the same time service both grower and meet timetabled deliveries to processing plants.

LLNL is designed to service the total industry, not just Silver Fern Farms. The more industry players who take up the central LLNL system, the better the optimisation results are. To manage this huge volume, LLNL has developed a special in-house programme system that accepts hundreds of bookings daily. This allows livestock co-ordinators an overall view to manage and allocate to carriers and administration.

LLNL is not just involved in co-ordination, but programmes to better the industry, be it Quality Assurance programmes, scanning of stock or grazing programmes.

LLNL are in constant contact with all carriers’ nationwide, sharing knowledge and taking on board recommendations.