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Project Management

Project Management

4D Freight are well known for their ability to find logistic solutions for the most challenging situations – from a modest freight run to the largest heavy industry project.

  • Every detail is managed, including all site activities
  • Transport and disposal of dangerous or sensitive equipment or cargo
  • Arrangement of customs and all import/export documentation
  • Wharf logistics
  • Heavy haul transport worldwide

Over dimension & HazardousOver Dimension & Hazardous

The team at 4D Freight are experts at managing all types of over-dimension and hazardous material loads – no matter what type or size.

These services extend to multi-combination trailers, cranes, certified pilots and hazardous product competency.

Managed Warehousing

AA 4D Freight solution will limit handling and maintain product integrity. Devanning or packing container lots, palletizing, stock rotation and reporting systems, wrapping, pick & pack and network distribution. 4D Freight ensure the security of your property at all times.

Customs and MAF

All requirements and legal obligations for Customs, Border controls and other authorities can be provided through the use of Bonded and Certified contractors (including pest control and cleaning).

Bulk Flow / Stack Storage

Bulk flow storage suitable for commodities such as fertiliser, grain and stacking raw materials are available along with a 4D Freight Management package – tailored to your unique specifications.

Container HandlingContainer Handling

IImport or exports, 4D Freight offer a full service of container handling equipment and resources to load and unload shipping containers. All container handling operations are managed in a controlled and certified area.


4D Freight is an independent service supplier. This allows them to offer a consultation and audit service to all industries who require components of transport, logistics and operational elements.